Trade, one of the oldest activities of humanity, is seen as the human activity with the widest activity spread worldwide with the increase in globalization. Whether small-scale enterprises or multinational corporations, businesses endeavor to penetrate both domestic and international markets. However, international trade, which is subject to regulations, rules, trade law and geopolitical developments, requires complex, challenging and multifaceted processes.

Navigating foreign trade demands a nuanced and strategic approach, particularly in today’s dynamic landscape. With supply chains in flux, the proliferation of trade barriers and free trade agreements, and escalating geopolitical tensions, the realm of international commerce demands adaptability and foresight.

With 10+ expertise in trade, a vast global and local network and 360 process management capacity; Bridge Turkey offers the best options in creating the right business partnership, providing fast customs clearance processes, accurate logistics management, product costing and market intelligence in export and import trade with Turkey. Trust us to deliver unparalleled solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Bridge Turkey Foreign Trade Services offers:

  • procurement management,
  • sales and marketing activities,
  • custom clearance processes,
  • internal and international transportation services,
  • regulatory advice consultancy,
  • building, enhacing your business network in Türkiye,
  • establish business setup in Türkiye.